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CTR will generate a custom Market Area Potential for your dealership.  Get the numbers of drivers in your area and start your dealerships journey to increase sales, profitability and positive community image.  

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 opportunity Statistics
Population with a Physical Disability and Drivers License
20 Million
Drivers with Adaptive Driving Equipment installed in at least one household vehicle 
1.8 Million
What's Your Dealership Market Share?
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an Adaptive Driving Strategy
For Your Dealership Today!
Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps
Step 1
Become A Trained Dealer
Train your sales professionals to be prepared for this new market opportunity!

Step 2
Become A Certified Dealer
Become an endorsed and certified dealer in your community. This certification gets you exposure and leads in your market.

Step 3
Become An Elite Dealer
(coming soon)
Not only will you become an endorsed and certified CTR dealer, but you will be guaranteed leads and traffic to your dealership.
And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?
Control the Road is an organization dedicated to the philosophy of buying made equal. We strive to educate dealers to provide an exceptional car buying experience to customers with ambulatory disabilities.
We strive to be a one stop resource to provide educate and resources to dealers on increasing their sales through additional sales to potential buyers who drive with an ambulatory disability. 
  •  STRIVING TO TRAIN THOUSANDS OF DEALERSHIPS how to tap into a growing market and serve those with adaptive driving needs.
  •  MARKETING SUPPORT FOR DEALERS: turnkey marketing solutions, lead generation, partnerships and market awareness. 
  •  CONTROL THE ROAD CERTIFICATION PLAN: available to qualified dealerships to promote social conscience and support drivers using adaptive equipment.
What We Can Do For Your Dealership?

Dealership Education

Learn how to increase your effectiveness in selling to individuals with a physical disability. In this interactive training, your sales professionals will learn how to provide a positive sales experience as well as navigate rebates, financing, and equipment installation practices. 

CTR Certifications

Become endorsed and promoted by Control The Road to increase exposure in the marketplace. Drivers access our directory of certified dealers prior to shopping for a vehicle. 

Advanced Marketing

We provide a turnkey marketing system that you can immediately use to drive additional leads to your dealership. 

Lead Generation

Using our website and driver community programs, you will have additional exposure to drivers in your local community. 


We are with you every step of the way. Control The Road provides personalized analytics and support to help you serve this new demographic in your community. 

Community Support

Leverage our partnerships and resources to increase community good will and support that will increase your reputation in your community. 
Control The Road Dealership Training
We currently offer 2 packages and will be releasing one soon.
Choose the program best suited for your dealership!
Market Place Dealer Program
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • Adaptive Mobility Training
  • Starter Marketing Assets
  • Marketplace Dealer Recognition
  • Basic Training Support
Preferred Plan
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • Adaptive Mobility Training
  • Comprehensive Marketing Package 
  • Launch Support
  • CTR Certification Package 
  • Lead Generation
  • Community Support

Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • Certified Dealer Program
  • + Guaranteed Leads and Traffic
  • Exceptional Community Support
  • Partnerships
  • Full Access to CTR Members
  • More Coming Soon...
 the certified dealer program
Check out What's included
Adaptive Mobility Training
In this scenario-based digital learning course, your sales professionals will provide a positive sales interaction for a car-buying customer with a physical disability. 

Along the way, they will learn more about the requirements and needs that customers have for adaptive driving equipment. They will see ways that the dealership can partner with customers to help them navigate rebates, financing, and equipment installation.
Comprehensive Marketing Package
Control The Road has a turn key marketing campaign and asset package that literally will provide you the keys to driving additional sales to your dealership. Our proven landing pages and marketing assets will convert leads into sales. 

Branded to your dealership, these marketing assets are available to you with the touch of a button. 
CTR Certification 
Control The Road has a goal of matching all drivers with ambulatory disabilities in the United States with dealers in their local area. Become part of a growing network of dealers by becoming certified or endorsed by CTR. 
This Certification will allow you to be a preferred dealer in your area and match you with eligible buyers from our community. 
Lead Generation
Control The Road qualifies, promotes and markets your dealership to their expansive directory of providers and drivers.  You will benefit from the exposure of participating in this training and certification program. 

You will also receive access to CTR customers through the Dealer Match Program and Concierge Purchase Service.

Also Included...
    •  - Personalized Support
    •  - Advanced on-boarding process to eliminate typical launch issues
    •  - Donation Program supports local organizations, charities, and foundations
    •  - Sell more vehicles, increase profitability, spread positive word of mouth in the community
     dealership self-evaluation
    What LEVEL dealership Are you?
    Marketplace Dealer
    Control The Road partners with dealerships who promote social conscience and support drivers using adaptive
    equipment. Dealerships choose their paths and level of engagement in our key focus areas of knowledge, customer  handling, and community awareness. Control The Road's goal is to educate every dealership on the benefits of providing Platinum Partner level of experiences, however, we understand that businesses move at their own pace and evolve throughout time. As you research the best dealership for your shopping, buying, and owning experience use our Market Place Directory to find local dealerships in your area. Dealership levels of engagement differ, here's how.
    Certified/Certified Plus Dealer
    Certified Dealer

    A Certified Dealer, has a basic understanding of the needs drivers with disabilities face, familiarity with Adaptive Driving  Equipment, and know manufacturer Mobility Assistance Programs. While Certified Dealers have the  necessary knowledge to get the purchase process started, they have not been qualified by Control the Road to handle our 
    patented, customer-focused Concierge Purchase Service Program. The Concierge Purchase Service Program is designed to provide a "white glove" for customers who are ready to purchase but want the thrill of a new vehicle without the hassle of the purchase process. If you have a dealership in your area which you would like to recommend to be trained and listed on, please contact us.
    Certified Plus Dealer

    A Certified Plus Dealer, is fully committed to satisfying the needs of drivers with disabilities and supporting the
    community. They understand the needs of Adaptive Mobility Drivers, have familiarity with Adaptive Driving Equipment,
    understand the intricacies of manufacturer Mobility Assistance Programs, have forged positive partnerships with local
    Adaptive Equipment installers, have developed custom sales purchase processes to ensure positive customer sales
    satisfaction, and have a trained Driver Mobility Specialist on staff. Shoppers will find these stores work to improve
    consumer access to sales and service through active digital presence strategies. These dealerships understand Control
    the Road's Dealer Match Program and Concierge Purchase Service Program and take great pride in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Certified Plus Dealers are often working through the one year waiting review period before attaining Control the Road's most coveted honor; becoming a Platinum Partner.
    Platinum Dealer
    A Platinum Partner has earned the highest degree of customer satisfaction in all areas of adaptive equipment, purchase
    experience, and community awareness. These dealers actively improve and implement their sales and installation
    processes to ensure a smooth and transparent purchase process and beyond! Their commitment to supporting the
    Adaptive Mobility movement has lead to prosperous community partnerships, positive word of mouth and friendly
    community relations. Platinum Partners have a dedicated on staff, Dealer Mobility Specialist that understands the
    intricacies of the sales, installation, and delivery processes. Control the Road funnels Concierge Purchase Service clients directly to Dealer Mobility Specialists in Platinum Partnerships. Platinum dealers receive the highest level of certification because they manage all customer interactions and set expectations at the highest level. These are not just Control the Road Dealers they are Control the Road Partners.
    buying made equal!
    our inspiration
     Prospective Car Buyer

    "My next purchase will only be with a dealership that has taken the time to learn about adaptive mobility equipment, the rebates, financing and installation. Its not that complicated and I plan to lease many more cars in my life."
     Prospective Car Buyer

    "My disability hasn't limited me from being a pro athlete. I would like a vehicle buying experience that allows me to purchase the vehicle that I want at the dealership in my community."
    Do you want me to help increase your market reach and finally serve those drivers who deserve it the most?
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